Evolero Essential Guide to Event Planning


Whether you are planning a corporate conference, business summit, academic congress or a networking event – organizing an event is a huge mission, with so many factors to consider. This is why we’ve put together the

Evolero Ultimate Event Planning Guide, guaranteed to give you the full checklist and insider’s view for planning like a pro, with minimal mistakes and maximum success. Should your goal be increasing your brand’s awareness, becoming a thought leader, generating revenue or engaging your clients – we’re here to help you execute the perfect event, from A-Z.


Get your copy of the Evolero Essential Guide to Event Planning

 The Evolero Team has been involved in event planning for years, they have planned events of all kinds from corporate to academic, from exclusive to massive. It’s now our turn to pass on our event planning knowledge to you.

When building your budget you have expenses and income. If your expenses are far beyond your income, ask yourself, Is it worth it?

We start at the very beginning, goals, concept, target audience, date, keynote speaker, and branding, and then move on to a time-related list of things you need to take care of leading up to your event.

 Any successful event relies heavily on the powerful presentations and content. Choosing the right speaker can make or break a presentation. The right speaker will in most cases create buzz, set the right energy and tone, entertain and inspire the audience. We trust you will find this guide useful and your events will be awe-inspiring. Once you have downloaded it and read it, spread the word, share the link with your #eventprof friends!

Download your copy of the Evolero Essential Guide to Event Planning today.


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